Educational Channel for Bioinformatics


As an online training center, Insilicogen, Inc. provides a variety of educational contents by utilizing bioinformatic softwares, and enabling biologists to easily perform bioinformatic analysis.

It is a place for everyone who can maximize the advantages of online for anytime and anywhere, and customize education for necessary contents.

  • Online Lecture

    You can learn how to use public or commercial software needed for bioinformatic analysis online whether on a computer or mobile regardless of your location. By providing tutorials or videos, anyone can follow them quickly and easily, and view the materials at any time.

  • Offline Lecture

    You can apply for a variety of seminars and workshops in Insilicogen, Inc.

    • 人CoSEMINAR A program that can help you get started with bioinformatics through basic theories and simple solutions using bioinformatics basic education program
    • 人CoWORKSHOP It is a practical training program that can strengthen the capability of bioinformatic analysis.
    • 人CoINTERNSHIP Internship program to grow into talented bioinformaticians through on-the-job training
  • Community

    We can communicate and share information with you through various community operations.

    • BI Tips Collect useful tips for learning Bioinformatics
    • 人CoDOM Knowledge community for bioinformation collective intelligence creation
    • 人CoBLOG Communities that people of 人Co share cultural life and small everyday life
    • NAVER Post Post series for laying the foundation of commercial solution for bioinformatic analysis
    • FACEBOOK Social community for sharing various events and information of Insilicogen, Inc.